Lumberjanes, Vol. 1: Beware the Kitten Holy


I loved Lumberjanes!! The setting at a summer camp was wonderful and it was well thought-out, clever, and inventive. The problem-solving puzzles and magical monsters made the novel exciting but still allowed for enough characterization. I liked how Lumberjanes wasn’t as slow as some first editions; the plot was interesting and unpredictable and I will definitely read a second volume. The message of girl positivity and expression was great and will have an amazing impact on any little girl who picks up this comic.

The level of detail in this graphic novel was incredible. It was full of allusions to historical women (see this article for a cheat sheet), which a lot of work clearly went into. I also enjoyed that the word “girls” on their camp sign had been replaced with “hardcore lady types” and when reciting the pledge Jo includes “and then there’s a line about God or whatever.” I thought the layout was unique as well since it was made to seem like a guidebook with pictures collaged on and the beginning of each chapter was an excerpt from the handbook.

I feel like Lumberjanes is basically all I ever wanted out of Girl Scouts. My dad and uncle were Boy Scouts and would tell me about how they went hiking and did campouts in the freezing cold to earn badges, and I was always kind of like “Hey, I want to do that and not sell cookies and do crafts all the time. This is lame.” The badges the Lumberjanes have for archery, boating, and staying out all night (also Pungeon Master) are pretty much everything my eight-year-old Brownie Scout self dreamed of.



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